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Race Year Spots Remaining
Arizona - November 2009 179
Coeur d'Alene 2009 215
Florida 2009 256
Lake Placid 2009 115
Wisconsin 2009 270

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure you check the FAQ for important information and answers to many of your questions!

FAQ Symbol  I'm entered into an event through the Community Foundation and I want to transfer to another event. Can I choose any event as long as it's the current year or the next year?
  • If you are a Community Foundation athlete, currently registered in a 2009 event you can request a one-time transfer to ONLY the same event in 2010.

    You must a submit an E-mail request to no later than 60 days prior to your original race date. Athlete Services will confirm your transfer to the 2010 event via E-mail.
FAQ Symbol  Why can't we fax or send in checks for the North America Sports Community Foundation, wouldn't this make it easier to apply?
  • It might make it easier for an individual athlete but not for Ironman Athlete Services that handles several of applications, inquiries, phone calls and E-mails everyday.

    To register for an Ironman event through North America Sports Community Foundation (NASCF), please click on the specific race link above. This will take you to where you will need to complete your online registration and pay the full $1300.00 USD via credit card. $775.00 USD of the registration fee will go directly to NASCF, a 501c3 charitable organization (application pending). For more information about NASCF and foundation distributions, please contact
FAQ Symbol  Now that I'm entered in an Ironman, I'd like to raise more funds for charity. Are there any other charities that Ironman is involved with?
  • YES! Champions in Courage Foundation (CiC) is a charity founded by hockey superstar, Pat Lafontaine. The website is:
    We are partnering with CiC so that together, we can create a lasting legacy in each community that hosts an Ironman in North America. Please read more about the CiC on their website and consider raising funds for this great cause! Watch the newsletter for more information on an incentive program, based on fund-raising goals.
FAQ Symbol  My employer will match donations, how do I do this?
  • 1)Have your employer write a check to NASCF in the desired amount.

    2)If matching donations are presented, made payable to the NASCF and cleared by the bank, a check will be issued to you as a refund of your original donation in the amount of the match submitted.

    3)Please have your employer mail the check to the following address:

    Ironman Corporate
    Attn: Ironman Foundation/Athlete Services
    2701 North Rocky Point Dr. Suite 1250
    Tampa, FL 33607

    4)Please make sure your name and race are included in the memo portion of the check:
    Example: John Smith; Lake Placid 2009

    For more information, please contact
FAQ Symbol  What is the relationship between the NA Sports Community Foundation and the Janus Charity Challenge?
  • Every athlete that signs up through the North America Sports Community Foundation for an event is able register for the Janus Charity Challenge. After all you have already raised $775 for the NA Sports Community Foundation!

    Janus Capital Group has creates a wonderful program at our events.
    Their website is:

    Janus wants you to take your fundraising goals one step further and choose a charity (NA Sports Community Foundation or any charity that is significant to you) to raise money and awareness for.

    NASCF is partnering with the CiC Foundation in 2006.
FAQ Symbol  What are the Community Foundation gifts in 2009?
  • A technical shirt and visor will be provided at registration.
FAQ Symbol  Where are the funds generated by the NA Sports Community Foundation spent?
  • Funds are pooled in the NAS Community Foundation account. Grants are issued to each race community every year. NASCF donates between $25,000 - $50,000 to each race community. Many of the volunteer captains assist in choosing local charities. The main focus of the NAS Community Foundation grants is youth and sports. There is a link on the NA Sports Community Foundation website that lists the grants distributed for the years 2003 -2006.

Comunity Foundation Program Description

To help give back to the communities which play host to Ironman events in the U.S., Ironman has formed the North America Sports Community Foundation.

The North America Sports Community Foundation provides a financial opportunity for Ironman to help those in the community who support our events, with a heavy emphasis on providing sports opportunities for children.

Athletes who compete in Ironman events help to raise funds for the North America Sports Community Foundation through the purchase of North America Sports Community Foundation spots.

Community Foundation Entry

Once a full Ironman event is closed to entry, a limited number of NAS Community Foundation spots are made available for those still wishing to enter.

If you need further information on how to register for an event please contact

Foundation Distribution

The North America Sports Community Foundation money is disbursed in two ways.

The primary focus is to provide kids with the opportunity to excel and/or compete in athletics of all kinds. Money is targeted to a specific function within that sport so that its effects are felt directly by the participants.

Through these efforts we hope to provide more opportunity for young people to compete in athletics of all kinds. Ironman reserves the right to amend or change this policy as they see fit.

Great examples of application of the community fund are:

  • Creation and maintenance of Ironkids cross-country running program, providing coaching, uniforms and travel.
  • Creation and maintenance of Ironkids Swim Team program, providing coaching, uniforms, meets and travel.
  • NYSEF Nordic Ski Program, providing scholarships, equipment and travel.
  • Soccer Teams in Mosley (FL) and Arnold (FL), providing uniforms.
  • Panama City Swim Team, providing scholarships and travel.
  • Penticton Minor Hockey, providing travel.
  • Help with the start-up costs of the Lake Placid High School Girls' Hockey Team

The second way funds are distributed are via aids station groups. Volunteer captains of aid stations at each event allocate community funds to charitable organizations within the community.

Other volunteer non-profit organizations who assist at Ironman also receive benefits.

Examples of these donations from Ironman USA Lake Placid in 2002 are:

  • North Country Life Flight
  • Families First - Essex County
  • Wimington Fire Department
  • Black Brook Playground Project
  • ADK Habitat for Humanity
  • CVPH Medical Center
  • Girl Scouts
  • North Country Ministries
  • ADK Christmas Box Angel of Hope Project
  • St, Joseph's Rehabilitation Center
  • ADK Medical Center

Athlete Benefits

  • Entry into event, when access is closed to general applicants
  • Recognition as an North America Sports Community Foundation participant
  • Special Community Fund gifts, which can be picked up at registration at the race site.
  • Email updates with information on how the funds are being distributed
  • Special acknowledgement from program participants

More Information

Letter for Income Tax Purposes

Every North America Sports Community Foundation participant will receive a letter for Income Tax purposes from the NAS Community Foundation, a registered 501 (c) (3) (application pending). The letter will state the amount of the contribution and that amount, if any, that the donors have received for goods or services for the gift to the North America Sports Community Foundation. Please contact for further information.


The donation to North America Sports Community Foundation is non-refundable. However, our general entry withdrawal policy applies to the NASCF slots.  Withdrawal requests must be received in writing via E-mail to Without exception, all requests must be received two months out for a partial refund of $150.00 (USD).


North America Sports Community Foundation members are allowed one (1) deferment to the same race of the following year. Please keep in mind that you will not receive a partial refund on your deferment for the following year and you are not allowed to request one after the original event has taken place.
To request a deferment, please E-mail 

Athlete Update Information

Please contact Ironman Athlete Services if your contact information has changed. We use your E-mail address as our main point of contact for all registered athletes. Race specific information will be sent via E-mail at least one month prior to each event. Please E-mail to update your information.

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